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Program Q and A:

How does the program work?
Becoming a Sollo ambassador means that you will join a team of dedicated people who believe in quality ingredients and creating a superior wellness product. You’ll start earning commissions on customers that you refer to Sollo Wellness who make a purchase on We thank you for sending us your clients, friends, family, and community to Sollo through paying you commissions on these sales via PayPal**. Sollo does all of the processing, payment, order fulfillment and all of the customer service for all sales.

**Signing up for a PayPal Account is free and easy. Click here to Sign up now.

How do I get paid for my referrals?
We use software that tracks the links that you send customers to our website. When someone clicks your link, cookies, and tagging in our software identifies them as “your referral” and when they finally purchase, it lets us know and we credit your account. Payout of your account balance happens every 30 days via PayPal.





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