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Sollo Weight Loss Green Tea Pods, For Keurig 24 KCup


SOLLO Energy Boost Dark Roast Coffee Pods, Increase Energy &


Weight Loss Dark Roast Coffee Pods, For Keurig


Infused Coffee with Vitamins & Herbal Extracts

Bulletproof Energy

Our powdered organic tea blend contains MCTs from Coconut Oil and provides fatty acids that support your brain, kill cravings, give you sustainable energy and keep you feeling amazing.

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What our customers say

"I was expecting a weird tasting coffee with all the ingredients but was very pleased with the taste! Gave me energy and suppress my hunger. I will be buying it again!" - by Mary

"I'm not normally a dark roast drinker, but a friend turned me onto this stuff and I must say it's really good! It's a really smooth coffee that smells good as well, so that's a plus. " - by Steve

"Love this and definitely cuts my appetite. I drink it at 10 in the am about 1/2 cup and by noon I'm full with half my lunch. Taste good as well." - by JESSIE GODD

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