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Incredible Health Benefits of Acai

Incredible Health Benefits of Acai

🫐 Boost Your Health with an Antioxidant Powerhouse - Acai berries are packed with beneficial nutrients - they even blow blueberries out of the water in the antioxidant stakes, clocking up higher levels than similar superfruit powders! They're nutrient dense in other ways too, with high levels of vitamin A, calcium & fiber.

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🔥 High Performance Support for Your Immunity - Consider organic acai powder your immune system's personalised nutrition plan to give it extra support in fighting off seasonal bugs & other bad guys. The anthocyanin antioxidant in this delicious berry powder provides free radical busting superheros in each daily dose.


💪 Optimized Sports Performance & Recovery - Acai berry fruit powder is an athlete’s best friend, as it provides natural energy & helps speed up muscle recovery. Dried acai berries also contain electrolytes that maintain water balance in the body, which prevents energy-sapping dehydration.


In Sollo Wellness We have formulated a unique blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans and Herbal extracts to Increase power and metabolism booster from your body and help you to achieve your goals. Our herbal extracts wakes up your senses and feeling youthful. Our blend helps you concentrate and increase productivity during work and daily errands without the crash.

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