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A Keto Coffee Blend For Weight Loss And Improved Health

A Keto Coffee Blend For Weight Loss And Improved Health

How do you like your coffee? Most of us know that black coffee is the healthiest option to reduce our sugar and milk intake (for those who are lactose intolerant). With all kinds of diet recommendations that people are trying now, one of the first things they ask is, “Can I still drink my coffee?” Whether you’re on a Keto diet or an “I eat whatever I want” plan, your answer is yes. But is a regular cup of black coffee enough for you to get the most out of your special diet?

 We developed the Sollo Ketogenic Proof coffee blend especially with this group of people in mind. It just takes everything up a notch. Your main goal is to burn fat and eliminate carbohydrates from your diet so we’ve done that for you by incorporating MCT oil and infusing essential vitamins into your daily coffee. No more spending extra on that coconut oil or supplements.

 Replaces Your Breakfast

 The Ketogenic Proof coffee is designed to replace your breakfast so drink it first thing in the morning to kickstart your ketosis. Improve your metabolism from the get-go and you will find yourself feeling a lot more energetic (we’ll tell you it’s not just the caffeine!). MCT oil releases 2 hormones in your body that leave you full, as if you’ve already had a meal. That should stop you from snacking while working and feeling terrible after that.

 There’s also nothing to worry about if you’ve never tried adding MCT oil into your coffee. It’s tasteless and has no smell too.

 Essential Vitamins For A Health Boost

 Some companies have formulated powdered vitamins in sachets which you can add to your coffee but Sollo keeps everything simple by infusing vitamins B and D directly into the blend. Vitamin B is key for maintaining energy levels in your body and the B1, 2 and 6 varieties specifically help your food intake turn into energy. Most people get their daily dose from breakfast with a diet of wholegrain, milk and eggs but all you need now is a pod of Ketogenic Proof coffee!

 Our blend also includes an essential vitamin D3, the most superior of the D complex. It not only suppresses your appetite to curb your hunger pangs but also increases your body’s ability to absorb calcium for strong bones, nails & teeth. While exposure to the sun automatically produces vitamin D, it is understood that you can never have too much! Your body will simply produce less if it has enough.

  Sollo’s Ketogenic Proof coffee uses organic Arabica beans that promise less caffeine to reduce your chances of insomnia, and a deep, smooth flavor to keep the aroma lingering in your mouth. With a slightly sweeter taste, this dark roast also means it is stomach-friendly for those who have sensitive guts. The low levels of acid will not irritate your stomach or your throat lining. You’re definitely going to want another cup soon after!

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