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10 Craft Coffee Drinks That You

10 Craft Coffee Drinks That You've Probably Never Heard Of

At times, the simplicity of espresso is exactly what we need. But at others, we hanker for something a bit more nuanced and intriguing. There is so much potential to be explored through coffee, so why not mix it up? The place to begin is in discovering some of the world's most exciting and fun coffee recipes, and that's exactly what we're here to help you with today!

Whether your caffeinated curiosity will be best satisfied with the healthiest iced coffee ideas or sampling the most unusual coffee drinks, this list is sure to inspire. Here are some of our favorite little-known, creative, colorful, and healthy coffee recipes to aid you in expanding your espresso-based repertoire.

1. Golden Turmeric Latte

Turmeric is a spectacularly hued and fragrant spice that is often used in Indian cuisine. In recent years, it's had plenty of press because this marvelous root holds powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is also favored for its capacity to support skin health, cognitive health, immunity, and heart health. So this coffee is certainly as wellness enhancing as it is beautiful!

To create the perfect turmeric latte, a teaspoon of the dried golden spice can be added to a cups-worth of milk before heating or steaming. Many coffee drinkers also add a pinch of cinnamon and ginger to enhance the spicy flavor. Adding a sprinkle of ground black pepper is also a fantastic idea as the piperine within helps our bodies process the healthful curcumin in turmeric. Once your milk is steamy and vibrant, pour it over coffee and add honey to taste. You can also pour this beverage over ice for one of the healthiest iced coffee recipes. Chek here: How to Make the Perfect Iced Coffee at Home With Keurig

2. Espresso and Tonic

If you love the idea of a cocktail hour but would rather have something that sharpens your mind rather than muddles it, an espresso and tonic is just what's called for! Among unusual coffee drinks, this one always seems to get a strong reaction, because it doesn't sound like an idea that would work but the result is truly delicious. To experience this sharply refreshing and revitalizing alcohol-free cocktail, pour tonic water over ice and then add coffee and your garnish of choice. Orange or lime zest works a treat!

3. Black Sesame Latte

Among healthy coffee recipes, the black sesame latte is a true winner. The flavorsome little seeds at its center are loaded with zinc and calcium, providing a rewarding boost for bones and hair while helping to lower cholesterol. To create this fun coffee creation for yourself, you'll need to combine a third of a cup of black sesame seeds with two tablespoons of honey in a food processor and blend. This can be combined with milk for a thinner beverage or heavy cream for a thicker beverage, with Sollo coffee added last to create a layered look. Add honey to taste!

4. Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom Coffee

You may not be aware that a great foundation for healthy coffee recipes is mushroom coffee. This involves using a specially-made blend of ground mushrooms and coffee beans to create your espresso! The mushrooms used are often Chaga mushrooms, which are prized for their adaptogen content, offering excellent nutritional and health benefits. Mushroom coffee is naturally lower in caffeine than a conventional coffee but delivers a smooth, dark, and nutty-tasting cup. Do check out our immunity boosting Organic Chaga and Dark Roast Chaga coffee K-Cups. A dreamy base for the healthiest iced coffee and hot coffee recipes—particularly when you double up with some of the other ideas above!

5. Arabic-Style Coffee With Rose Water

Arabic-Style Coffee With Rose Water

If you'd love a novel idea for the healthiest iced coffee or hot coffee that doesn't involve milk, then there is great inspiration to be found in the Middle East. The world of Arabic coffee is incredibly diverse, but one widely common feature is the use of cardamom and rose water. We can emulate this flavor at home without a special Ibrik or Cezve coffee pot simply by adding the key flavors to our favorite Sollo Welness Coffee.

To create your own Arabic-style coffee, add pinches of ground cardamom and saffron to your espresso and stir before adding a splash of rosewater to taste. This floral ingredient can be picked up in specialist grocery stores, and creates a perfumed coffee that is quite out of this world!

6. Jasmine Coffee

Jasmine Coffee

In another suggestion for unusual coffee drinks that hold real flower-power, we discover the wonder that is jasmine coffee. This clever coffee concept is created by adding a pinch of dried jasmine flowers to your ground coffee beans before beginning your brewing process of choice. Jasmine coffee can be drunk black or blended with steamed milk to create a jasmine latte. The choice is yours!

7. Activated Charcoal Latte

Activated Charcoal Latte

Drawing focus once again on healthy coffee recipes, we discover the rather Gothic-looking activated charcoal latte. This visually stunning coffee is always fun to consume, and its striking gray color can be added to playfully with colorful sprinkles! In recent years, activated charcoal has appeared in everything from skincare to toothpaste for its cleansing and anti-inflammatory capacity.

When used in fun coffee recipes, activated charcoal is said to be a great hangover cure, although drinkers should be aware that it can interfere with medication absorption so should not be consumed at the same time. To create this visually distinctive coffee, add one teaspoon of food-grade activated charcoal to your milk of choice before steaming. Prepare your latte with espresso and sweeten to taste. For sure, yet another contender for the healthiest iced coffee too!

8. Portuguese Mazagran

8. Portuguese Mazagran

Intriguingly, the classic Mazagran is often described as the original iced coffee recipe. So the story goes, long ago the Portuguese used to add lemon juice to coffee brewed with low-quality coffee beans to improve their flavor, and the practice evolved into a beverage in its own right over time. Espresso is added to lemon soda or freshly squeezed lemon juice and served over ice. Sugar or honey can be used to sweeten—perfect for a hot day!

9. Red Velvet Latte

Red Velvet Latte

Among fun coffee recipes, we can always make extra space for concoctions that are inspired by our favorite desserts. If you love nothing more than tucking into a slice of red velvet cake then you'll doubtless be delighted that there is a coffee version to try. Just like its spongy counterpart, this king among unusual coffee drinks draws upon the flavors and colors of cocoa, vanilla, and beetroot.

To create the perfect red velvet latte, blend 1/3 cup of either beetroot juice or cooked beetroot with milk, a teaspoon of cocoa, and a dash of vanilla. Steam or heat your rouged milk and add to your favorite Sollo Wellness espresso for a deep, pinky-colored cup of coffee that couldn't feel more decadent.

10. Horchata Coffee

Horchata Coffee

In Mexico, coffee is sometimes made with horchata instead of milk. So, what exactly is it? Well, horchata is made by soaking white rice and cinnamon sticks in water overnight. In the morning, the the rice and cinnamon are strained out and discarded, and the resulting liquid is mixed with sugar and sometimes vanilla. That's all there is to creating horchata, and this creamy-textured while liquid can be used to make delicious coffee by combining it with keurig coffee and serving hot or cold.

So, tell us. Had you already heard of any of these unusual coffee drinks or were you surprised to discover them? Perhaps you have some fun coffee recipes that you'd love to share with us—we're always excited to hear from you! Don't forget to explore our exciting Keurig coffee pods collection, packed with specialist coffees that are perfect for exploring craft coffee ideas at home. Until next time, happy coffee drinking!

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