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SOLLO Energy Boost Coffee Bags 16 Per Pack

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What’s the Deal With Drip Coffee Bags?

Like a tea bag of coffee, the drip coffee bags common in Japan and other parts of Asia allow you to brew a perfect cup of filter coffee in seconds. Each little packet is made up of a paper filter cradling ground beans and a filter holder. To use the bag, you simply tear the top to expose the ground beans, slip the holder handles over the edges of your cup and pour hot water over the coffee a little at a time. The coffee then drips out the base of the paper filter and you’re ready to duck out the front door.

Energy Boost Coffee

The herbs in the Energy Boost blend complement the caffeine perk by helping to restore and elevate energy levels within your body. This blend contains all natural herbal extracts of Guarana, Acai and Goji. The combined effects of specific acids in the Arabica coffee and these herbs deliver significant amounts of antioxidants throughout the body thereby improving overall health.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY BEANS: Made from a high quality medium roasted 100% Arabica coffee beans which are sourced from the best regions across the world known for their coffee beans to get you the richness of taste. The USDA organic certification ensures that the coffee is grown, harvested, roasted and packaged using 100% natural organic practices, which are environment friendly.
  • UNIQUE HERBAL BLEND: We have formulated a unique blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans and Herbal extracts to Increase power and metabolism booster from your body and help you to achieve your goals. Our herbal supplement wakes up your senses and feeling youthful. Our blend helps you concentrate and increase productivity during work and daily errands without the crash.
  • ENERGIZE YOUR BODY AND INCREASE POWER. The blend of Organic Guarana, Acai and Goji extract helps you achieve your goals be it burning your belly fat, boosting your energy, enhancing your neuro transmissions for improved brain functioning. Coffee and Superfoods combination is a unique formula to cleanse your body at cellular level and support immune functioning.
  • ⭐Enjoy the luxury of freshly brewed drip coffee with our single-serve drip bags. No fancy pot or press needed - our drip coffee bags are individually packed for convenience, whether you’re at home or on the go. Just open, pour hot water in, and you’re on your way to a premium coffee experience in minutes.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: SOLLO is a truly remarkable company driving innovations to add value to our customers. Two Bags will offer you a daily dosage of active ingredients to cleanse your body and unforgettable rich taste of the coffee you love. Go ahead and click " ADD TO CART " now and grab your Drip Coffee Bags today!